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We understand how frustrating it can be when you fail to obtain what you wanted at the trial court level. However, your case does not have to end there. In many cases, erroneous trial court judgments can be reversed on appeal.

Selecting the right appellate lawyers can be the key to prevailing on an appeal. They must make a compelling case that the trial court made an error of law and that the law is on your side. It is important that your appellate lawyers have a full grasp of the legal issues involved so that they are able to present subtle legal nuances in a persuasive manner.

TLG provides practical assistance in determining whether an appeal has merit and the likelihood of success. In some instances, the likelihood of success in overturning an adverse trial court judgment is minimal and not worth the expense of an appeal. In other instances, the trial court has made an obvious error of law which increases the likelihood of success in the court of appeal.

Appellate practice is highly specialized work, requiring a unique skill set that differs greatly from those needed in preparing for and conducting a trial. An appellate attorney must evaluate cases within the distinctive structure of appellate rules, procedures, and standards of review, and have the ability to simplify difficult legal arguments to appellate judges. At TLG, we pride ourselves on making cogent, clear, and compelling legal arguments.

We know how state and federal appellate courts function, know what approaches are most likely to persuade appellate judges, and work efficiently to achieve the goals of our clients. We handle all aspects of state and federal appeals and writs. We also represent clients as appellate counsel by working with trial counsel in ongoing litigation matters to assist in framing and briefing important legal issues, preserving claims of error, and avoiding potential waiver issues.

Also, at TLG we are able to combine trial counsel experienced in the substantive areas of the law with appellate counsel experienced in effectuating appellate procedure and communicating effectively to appellate judges who may be unfamiliar with the substantive areas of law on appeal. This combination provides a unique advantage that we provide to clients.

"At Thornton Law Group P.C., we emphasize a philosophy of legal practice rooted in the highest quality"