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We understand that you are in business to make deals and make money, so you are willing to accept some risk. However, savvy business people realize that handshake or other unwritten or undefined deals can easily result in future legal problems.

All too often, clients consult their attorney only when the deal has gone bad. Unfortunately, at that point, the attorney’s ability to help the client may be limited to damage control. Although it is neither practical nor advisable to consult an attorney on every transaction, at some point, the money and aggravation saved by an attorney can easily outweigh any fees. This is where we like to focus our business practice - the point where we can be cost-effective problem solvers for our clients.

Often, a legal review of an important contract or transaction can be handled quickly and inexpensively. Although most deals do not end in dispute, those which are not reviewed for legal issues can end up in costly and time-consuming litigation.

Typical business matters that TLG handles are as follows:

  • New business start-ups;
  • Contract drafting and negotiation;
  • Buy/sell agreements;
  • Leasing;
  • Finance;
  • Alternative dispute resolution;
  • Civil litigation involving breach of contract, disputes between shareholders or partners, or other matters; and,
  • Negotiated settlements.

Business law can be extremely complex. It is important that you have strong representation from an experienced attorney who understands the law and can properly handle your case. At TLG, we have helped business clients of all sizes to resolve a broad range of legal matters. Whether you are a new business needing help with the development of corporate policy or a large corporation facing complex litigation, we are prepared to help you. We have experience in all types of business law matters and we will pursue every legal option available to help you reach your goals.

Because we are a full service law firm, business owners can save a substantial amount of money on legal fees by using one firm to handle all their needs. They will also avoid the daily pitfalls of operating a business by having an attorney on call so they can receive advice before they make mistakes that may be costly or result in litigation. As a full-service firm that provides personalized service, TLG is well-positioned to handle both the transactional and litigation needs of business clients, which results in cost savings.

"At Thornton Law Group P.C., we emphasize a philosophy of legal practice rooted in the highest quality"