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Thornton obtained a seven-figure settlement in a case of legal malpractice, breach of fiduciary duty, and failure to meet an attorney’s standard of care

A real property developer in Fresno and Madera Counties entered into an agreement to sell property to another developer. Relations between the seller and the buyer deteriorated to the point where the buyer sued for fraud and rescission and the seller sought representation by counsel. Due to counsel’s failures, the seller had to pay millions of dollars in unanticipated costs to the buyer. Also, the seller incurred legal costs by its counsel for exorbitant fees to defend against mistakes attributable to the same counsel.

Thornton represented the seller in a legal malpractice action against the seller’s prior counsel. Prior counsel eventually settled the matter with Thornton’s client for a seven-figure amount, allowing the client to recover expenses it should not have had in the first place.