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High Speed Rail


Are you about to lose your home, property, or business to the High Speed Rail project?

If you are about to lose your home, property, or business to the High Speed Rail project, contact us at 559.400.8999 for a free, no-obligation consultation. Our attorneys have many years of experience representing both individuals and businesses against government taking of private property. We work to maximize the amount of compensation that our clients receive when the government takes their property.

What is the process for the High Speed Rail project to take my home, property, or business?

The Rail Authority and the California Department of Transportation select property for the rail line. The Rail Authority then makes an offer to purchase the property that has been selected. The offer must be based on an appraisal that is supposed to declare a fair market value.


It is in your interest to hire experienced eminent domain lawyers, such as the ones at TLG, to assess the Rail Authority's offer and potentially work with an appraiser that is paid by you and not the government to provide an alternative value for your property.


If you refuse to sell to the Rail Authority, it may take you to court to force the sale. The prospect of losing property to the government can be intimidating and frustrating. Let TLG represent you in this process to maximize the amount you receive.

You might have other questions, such as:


  • If I lease property that is about to be taken, how can I make a claim for or participate in any award?
  • What can I recover if I make a claim?
  • Can I receive compensation for business goodwill?
  • Will I be paid for relocation expenses?


If you have any of these or other questions, contact us for information that is applicable to your individual situation. As a boutique law firm, we provide attention to the specific details of your case.